VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC)-- A real blast from the past for the Army has been reactivated.

The 18th Field Hospital traces its roots back to 1942. The group has seen action, in among other places, Iran and India.

Through the decades the hospital's mission has been to go forward, wherever it is needed, to provide medical care.

It was deactivated for the third time in 2007, but now, the operational needs of the Army have changed, and the 18th is once again needed.

"I think it's really exciting again to be part of an historic unit," said Lieutenant Colonel Mary Ann Crispin, commander of the 18th Field Hospital. "Most of us, if you ask us, we love what we do. We came into the military because we love what we do."

A reactivation ceremony was held over the weekend at Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story.

"What's exciting is that this is not the first time the 18th Field hospital has ben needed. This is the fourth iteration," said Crispin.

The 18th, with a 32-bed capability, will bring much to any fight.

"We'll have an emergency room section," said Crispin. "We have the ability to have some behavioral health service, along with microbiology. Everything that allows us to be self sufficient."

The 280-member unit includes 29 soldiers who were part of it, last time it was active ten years ago.

Lieutenant Colonel Crispin says her team is in the build-up phase now, and she and they look forward to any tasking that may come their way.