As a Texan, 17-year-old Hayley Kinsner knew the arrival of a brand new Whataburger in town was big deal.
“Whataburger is a Texas thing and horses are a Texas thing and everyone already thinks that Texans ride their horses everywhere so why not,” Kinsner said.

Her friend and photographer Micah McCartney snapped these shots of Hayley and her Haflinger horse ‘Chief Hawk’ grabbin’ a quick bite on opening day.

“They drove up behind me and in front of me and everyone was just lookin’ at me like I was nuts, and I was just smiling and waving,” Kinsner said with a smile. “You know, just on my horse getting some Whataburger.”

Her boss up at Milano’s Pizza in Bullard caught wind of it and invited the pair to the store.

“We went up to the Milano’s pizza in Bullard and I held the delivery bag,” Kinsner said. “We put in on Facebook and the caption was, ‘Whatever it takes to deliver your pizza.’”

The pictures have gotten 600 likes and been shared over 100 times – and not just in Texas.

“Since we posted those pictures people have been sharing them, people from California have seen them,” Kinsner said. “We’ve had a customer come and he said he has some family in California who actually believed that’s how they delivered pizza in Texas.”

Let Chief Hawk tell it, that’s exactly how it’s done.

“He’s a model, he loves to be behind the camera and he loves the attention,” Kinsner said laughing. “It makes him so happy.”

Hayley got herself a number 1 with all the fixins’, and Chief Hawk helped himself to some treats too.

“Just a girl on her horse, doin’ the texas thing.”