N.C. (WVEC) -- There's no shortage of campaign signs at the Dare County Complex in North Carolina. But one sign is getting some attention for it's unusual display. Longtime Dare County resident Ray Midgett is behind that sign.

"It reminds me of the state fair. People are really pumped down here in Dare County about the election," said Midgett.

Midgett is supporting Republican Beverly Boswell for the State House of Representatives. At the county complex Boswell has a larger campaign sign than most. Recently those supporting her campaign found out the sign was not in compliance with the county's Code of Ordinances in Chapter 158: Signs, Campaign Signs and Outdoor Advertising Structures.

According to the county code on the complex property, the sign wasn't to exceed 'six square feet in total display area'. Midgett wanted to make sure his candidate was in compliance so he took a saw to the campaign sign.

"We did the calculations and cut it into six pieces and now it's up to code. We have one down at Hatteras Island we gonna go down there and cut," said Midgett.

Midgett said the sign has gotten more attention in person and on social media since he took an saw to it for it's unusual look. Dare County Republican Chairperson Brownie Douglas called the tactic 'political ingenuity'.

"We were asked to comply so we did. But we have not lost our message, said Douglas."

On Election Day Boswell will face Democrat Warren Judge for the District 6 state House of Representatives seat.