CHEASAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) --City Council has voted down a housing development that would have brought more than 500 homes to the city.

The decision came after more than two hours of public comment Tuesday in which more than 70 people signed up to speak.

The project, which is called the Confluence at Dominion Park, would consist of 544 homes to be built on 119 acres of farmland right in between Grassfield High School and Grassfield Elementary School. It would be a mix of single family homes, townhouses and apartments.

City staff is against it but the planning commission voted for it. The developers say the farmer has every right to sell the land and the city has every right to bring economic growth to the area.

"At the planning commission the property owner spoke of lost crops, the impacts of encroaching development, and simply that the farmer is aging and the family is unwilling to continue the farming business," said one resident.

"This development actually provides for smart growth as being planned in locations just as your city planners have desired," said the architect.

Residents say it will be a negative impact, increasing traffic and overcrowding schools.

"This development is not what I want our future to look like," said resident Megan Parker.

"You are essentially going to push Grassfield Elementary to 130% capacity, when does it stop, our current infrastructure can not support this development," said resident Heather Harris.

"That whole area is about to engulf itself in another 1000 plus vehicles," said resident Ken Jones.