CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Friday night high school football is supposed to be lots of fun, but it was more like lots of stress for students and parents in Chesapeake.

Due to school rezoning some of these teams, bands and cheer squads will be broken up.

"My Great Bridge Middle School cheerleader is now being rezoned to Hugo Owens Middle School," said parent Susie Lederer.

Lederer's daughter, Kirsten, is worried she'll have to get used to a new uniform, new cheers and new teammates.

"It's sad," said Kirsten.

The high school level is a little more accommodating. Students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade will have the option to stay at their current school, however, they have to get their own ride.

'It is an inconvenience to me," said parent Cathy Carmona.

Carmona has two teenagers who attend Hickory High. One of them is in the band. She said moving to another school isn't an option.

"He made a lot of friends that way, and not just at the games, they are out at different events together, they do things together, I mean they are going on a little trip this weekend together," said Carmona.

So now it's up to Carmona to turn the family car into the family school bus.

"So neither one of them drives, so I'll be taking them back and forth to school everyday and picking them up."

For Hickory High parent Monica Taylor, it's deja vu, she was a victim of rezoning in the Chesapeake School district as a student 20 years ago and now it's happening again to her own kids.

"It's terrible because you grow up with these kids, and you spend years going to the same school, same classes, and everything, and at the last minute you all get torn apart," said Taylor.

The rezoning affects a total of four middle schools and two high schools. It is set to go into affect at the beginning of the next school year.