VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- People visiting the west side of the Lesner bridge now have an alternate and free way of experiencing nightlife.

New this summer, folks in the area can expect to see a shuttle bearing the name "Chix Beach Crawl."

No, it's not a bar hopping event, but creators hope you think of the name when out drinking.

"We wanted to do something to help the community," said George Brewton, Head of Sales. "It's free because our partners, the restaurants, are paying us to be out here and provide the ride. It is actually getting paid for, just not by the person getting in the van."

All riders need to do is text or call a number. Customers can also Facebook message the service on its company page.

The shuttle service, a branch of Virginia Beach Courier, takes riders to and from the ten participating businesses. Most of them are bars and breweries along Shore Drive.

"Anybody who knows this area knows we've had our share of some accidents and it is important we all get home safely," said Debbie Bickel, General Manager at Froggie's Cantina by the Bay.

Businesses also hope to cash in on increased traffic.

But for co-creator of the free service, Chief of Operations Ian Lopan, it's in remembrance of his mother.

"She got hit and killed, so she never got a chance to meet her grandchildren. I don't want anyone to have an idea of what that feels like," Lopan said. "If we can prevent one person from having an understanding of what I feel like, we're a winner."

Lopan and Brewton hope to expand and get more sponsors for the service to continue year-round. The duo is currently driving two vehicles, an SUV that seats around six people and an 11-passenger shuttle.

The free service will pick up and drop off people who live within a three mile radius of the Lesner Bridge.

It operates Friday and Saturday, starting at 5:30 p.m.

For more information on participating businesses and how to get in contact, visit the service's website.