HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WVEC) -- All across Hampton Roads, crews are buckling down. They're ready for whatever the storm brings our way.

In just hours, crews in Norfolk will hit the streets, pre-treating roads ahead of the snowfall. The city has 1,000 tons of salt, 800 tons and 23 plows to tackle the upcoming winter weather. Officials say 140 crew members are on staff and will be working 12-hour shifts.

In Virginia Beach, plows are at the ready to clear the roads and keep drivers safe. On Thursday, crews mixed a sand and salt mixture. "We have raw salt, and raw sand, and that'll be mixed and then we refer to that as our abrasive," said Jim Huntington, operations superintendent for highways in the city. He estimates they have around 6,000 tons.

Within the next few days, 60 crews will handle 30 trucks. They'll keep an eye on the forecast, and decide their plan of attack. Crews will handle primary and secondary roads, bridges and overpasses.

"Problem spots for me are Shore Drive, our Salem Road corridor is where we have a lot of covered tree areas, the sunlight doesn't get to it so it stays more icy longer, those can give us problems," said Huntington.

Huntington advises people to stay off the roads if possible and let crews treat and clean them.