NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- City council and the Towing Advisory Board agreed to raise towing fees around the city at a meeting Tuesday evening.

Currently, the city charged a flat rate for towing vehicles based on their weight:

  • $135 for light vehicles (up to 8,800 lbs)
  • $165 for medium vehicles (8,801 - 17,999)
  • $285 for heavy vehicles (18,000 and over)

With the new fees in place, all of the rates will rise:

  • $155 for light vehicles
  • $175 for medium vehicles
  • $350 for heavy vehicles

In the proposal, the Towing Advisory Board recommended that the rate only increase for light vehicles, but also be based on the time of day the tow would occur, whether it be during business hours, overnight, or during a weekend/holiday. However, after the board spoke with city staff, they agreed to raise the flat towing rates for all three vehicle classes.

The change in rates goes into effect immediately.

According to The City of Norfolk, Director of Public Works, 3861 light vehicles are towed annually. With the old fees in place just a little over $521,000 was collected in fees. With the new fees in place, the city will collect and estimated $598,455.

You may read the proposal in full below: