NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) – Questions surround the future of an old prison facility in Newport News.
City council voted to close the City Farm last year.

Now there's a petition to try and prevent any sort of development on the property.

However, the city has zero plans for the property at this point, and there are no plans to build any high-rise buildings.

But, that could change, according to a city spokesperson.

There are lots of rumors in the air, and it's not sitting well with hundreds of residents.

Adrian Whitcomb is with the group 'Citizens for Riverview Farm Park'.

He recently started a petition, trying to save Riverview Farm Park and the City Farm land from potentially falling into the hands of developers.

“We need to keep this land, which was dedicated as a park to be a park and not see it developed,” Whitcomb says. “We believe that anytime you have land on the water, there's someone who wants to develop it.”

Whitcomb says their concern is that the city offers the City Farm property to commercial or real-estate development.

City council decided to close the old minimum security facility back in 2015.

This past October, crews demolished the city farm barn, after council members decided they did not want to spend money for upgrades needed to the barn.

Whitcomb and hundreds more, are trying to make their voices heard, before it's too late.

“I think the overwhelming good of this property for it to truly be a park on the river and not land-locked,” Whitcomb says.