CHESAPEAKE, Va (WVEC) – A proposal to rezone land for a storage facility on the property of a closing business is not sitting well with some Western Branch residents.

Earlier this month, Alison Anderson received a letter from the contractor explaining the proposal for a multi-story Mini Price Storage.

"This letter was taped to my door and I started to read it and it said there’s an open house meeting about mini-storage facility and it gave the address," said Anderson.

She quickly realized that address belonged to the decades-old McDonald Garden Center, which is closing in July due to declining sales.

Anderson was initially saddened that the store was closing, but when she read the letter further explaining the request, she became more concerned.

"We're at a critical time right now in this community, a critical time as far as growth,” said Anderson. “And a storage unit is not going to help us entice other businesses to come here."

Residents told 13News Now Western Branch has seen its share of disappointments over the years.

"We don't have a lot left here in Western Branch,” said Janet Lilley, Chesapeake resident. “We have to go either East or West to find what we need as far as shopping. We have enough storage facilities in the area."

Some residents said with Chesapeake Square Mall losing stores, the space may be more suited for retailers. Anderson, also a small business owner, says she’d like to see a café.

Contractor, Sifen Companies, held a meeting for nearby homeowners Wednesday night.

According to the letter, another meeting will be held in the future for other Western Branch residents. A land use attorney and developer will be in attendance.

A spokesperson refused to go into details of the proposal when 13News Now asked Wednesday.