(WVEC) -- A viral video is reigniting the national conversation about bullying.

The video shows Tennessee middle schooler Keaton Jones in tears recounting being bullied at school. Now people across the country are showing their support for Keaton.

Norfolk student Darrise Kirby said others showing support is a start to stopping bullying.

“I feel people should stand up to bullying. They are giving him something to keep him up and motivate him that life isn’t as bad and just because you are getting bullied you don’t’ have to down yourself about it," said Kirby.

The ‘I AM A WITNESS’ bullying campaign is calling for others to do the same.

Television commercials can be seen in Hampton Roads raising awareness about the anti-bullying campaign. The campaign’s goal is to stop people from just witnessing bullying and encourage them to do something about it.

Norfolk teenager Chloe Payne said she thinks the campaign is a good idea.

“I think that’s amazing because it just unites people. Then maybe we can all join together and people can stop the bullying on social media or in schools anywhere,” said Payne.

The campaign encourages people to post the Witness Emoji shaped like a speech bubble with an eye in the center. It’s supposed to show people taking a stand against bullying and them supporting someone who is being bullied.