NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- American Red Cross workers and volunteers throughout the state of Virginia are doing their part to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Jonathan McNamara spoke with 13News Now via Skype before heading to Texas on Monday morning. McNamara said the Red Cross already has 29 volunteers on the ground helping, as more workers prepare to leave.

He said the Virginia workers and volunteers have already housed 1,800 evacuees, and they expect that number will increase as days go by.

McNamara said Hampton Roads residents can do their part by donating money and not items: "We understand that people's hearts are moved to try to collect items and these types of events and we appreciate that, but you could imagine is that collecting these items, sorting them and shipping them to Texas could get extremely expensive and cumbersome for the Red Cross," said McNamara.

In fact, he said sending money also helps the communities impacted by Harvey.

"So what we're asking that financial contributions allows us to purchase supplies that we know are needed in those communities, and we're able to purchase them close to the areas that impacted, and that's one way we're able to positively affect the economy in those local areas is to purchase supplies and items from these communities," said McNamara.

If you would like to make a ten dollar donation to Harvey victims you can text HARVEY 90999 or you can call 1800-RED CROSS and/or visit to learn more about donating.