(WVEC) -- Andre Smith has lived a live of service.

He retired from the Navy and immediately began volunteering with the Army. The Salvation Army, that is.

He schedules his volunteering around his work.

"I told my last employer that volunteering to me is extremely important. It's life sustaining," says Smith.

He works at Target, but during the holidays he goes where his work gets only gets him a thank you, not a paycheck.

Smith says, "I'm there an entire work day. It ends up being about five to seven days a month. Long days."

This retired Navy veteran has dedicated his post service life to servicing the Salvation Army.

It's not because of anything he's lost but because of all of the good he feels he's experienced.

Whether you see him working the Write Stuff Campaign stuffing book bags for kids or at the Christmas Distribution Center giving away toys and donations to children and families, Melissa Medell says Andre is one of their most reliable.

"He's just amazing. We're so over-extended right now given Harvey, Irma, and Maria recovery efforts because of the hurricanes that we need all of the help we can get with our local efforts, and Andre is always around for that. Even lives nearby our main center."