PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- After a pipe burst at the Portsmouth Humane Society and left the entire shelter without water, staffers are reaching out to the public for help.

According to a Facebook post, shelter staff arrived to find a burst pipe above the dog kennels on Monday and water everywhere.

"I turn the corner and I see water pouring out of most of these lights and we were very upset for a little bit," said James McLaughlin, External Affairs Director.

Staffers say the pipe burst in multiple places and will need to be completely replaced along with a number of ceiling tiles and several patches of insulation.

They're happy to report that all the dogs in the shelter's care are safe, but the shelter was completely without water and staffers weren't able to do laundry, wash dishes and carry out other tasks.

"We had some people bringing in gallons of water, so we were using that for feedings and stuff like that," McLaughlin said.

The shelter is asking the public for any and all donations to use for repairs.

"Being a non-profit, we'd like all of our money to go directly into the animals and getting the animals homes," McLaughlin expressed. "Whatever people can do to help, we really appreciate it."

You can donate by clicking here.