WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- We all need a little encouragement from time to time.

Maybe you've had a rough day, week, or, let's face it, year. You could have lost a job or a family member or friend.

And maybe you were looking for that phone call or text from a loved one to lift your spirit.

Well, there's one local group that wants to show that encouragement you need.

And in an age where technology dominates, the group's members seek to make a meaningful mark in the community...through the power of the pen.

Campus Cursive is a club on the College of William and Mary's campus. The objective of this group is to provide encouragement and support on campus with handwritten letters.

Club founder and president Amy Olejniczak, a junior at the school, founded the club in spring of 2017.

She says that she sought to make this kind of objective a tangible reality, not just for college students, but for the whole community.

"We've written letters to dining hall employees, to nursing homes, to kids in local hospitals," says Olejniczak. "We really try to expand our reach beyond just the student body and also involve other people."

Olejniczak says she's even had students and faculty stop her on campus to show gratitude.

In the club's latest project, they wrote supportive notes on coffee sleeves for students as they take their finals before the holidays.

The coffee sleeves will be handed to students who purchase a cup of coffee at William & Mary's on-campus coffee shop, Aromas.

Club members wrote reassuring words of encouragement and drew creative designs in the hopes of shining a light for students as they study through their finals for the winter semester.

Olejniczak says the campus often shows gratitude for the club's hard work.

Even the community has been receptive.

Olejniczak says she can recall when a couple in Newport News saw the group's work and reached out to thank them.

"It's really a testament to the power of the written word. It really goes to show how writing can connect with people in so many different ways."