NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- You've seen them in Chesapeake and York County, but a coyote was captured within city limits for the first time Tuesday morning.

For weeks people near Sentara Leigh Hospital have said they have been seeing what looked like a Coyote.

"They were seeing it everyday, same time," said Brian Fiske with Acme Animal control. "It was hanging around the buildings."

Fiske went to the hospital and set a trap.

"Coyotes are one of the hardest animals to catch especially in a trap at all," Fiske explained.

It took about a week, but one morning Fiske went to check on the trap and found the animal.

After the coyote was captured, it was handed over to Norfolk Animal Control. It is illegal to release or relocate coyotes, so the animal was euthanized.

Fiske said coyotes usually aren't aggressive towards humans, but can become a problem if something isn't done.

"Once they get into the neighborhoods they can potentially feed off of domestic cats and possibly small dogs."

If you are wondering what to do if you ever see a coyote, Fiske has the answer. "Don't bother them," he said. "Leave it up to the professionals to humanely trap them and remove them."