NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The building at 161 Granby Street is more than a century old. In its heyday it was a jewelry store and a prominent hotel, but in 2017 the building is vacant and it leans.

"I heard somebody saying that when it was at its worst windows were popping out and falling onto the sidewalk and onto the streets," said downtown Norfolk worker Chewie Scarlott.

Now if you walk past the former Hotel Savoy building you will notice the scaffolding that once covered the vacant brick building is now gone.

Workers are busy renovating it and there are also plans to straighten it up, which is good news to Norfolk resident Pernell Nelson.

"They're going to have fix something about that," said Nelson as he looked up at the building. "They got to do something about that because that's crazy, I could be walking by you know, yeah a brick will fall, you never know,"

The Marathon Development Group is the company that is fixing the building. They say it is also repairing a vacant building right next to the leaning brick building.

Once the leaning building is repaired by early next year, the plan is to have retail on the bottom floor and apartments up top. For Nelson, that is great news.

"I'm cool with that I'll live there as long as it ain't leaning!" exclaimed Nelson.