GREENSBORO, N.C. – A Greensboro Police officer who was shot Friday during a traffic stop has been released from the hospital. The suspect, Carlos Keith Blackman, died from his gunshot wounds Friday night.

The shooting happened around 4:30 Friday afternoon on Bernau Avenue and Baker Street.

Two Greensboro Police Officers, Officer J.R. LaBarre and Officer L.S. Garrison, were patrolling the area after Crime Stoppers got a tip about possible drug activity nearby.

Officer L.S. Garrison (left) and Officer J.R. LaBarre (right) 

The officers saw two people in a red sedan at the outskirts of the Hickory Trails neighborhood. When they tried to pull over the car, police say the driver did not stop.

Police have not released if that car was related to the Crime Stoppers tip.

Officers followed the car and called for backup.

The driver drove a couple of blocks before pulling over on Romaine Street., that's when police say both the driver and the passenger got out of the car started to run.

Officer LaBarre hopped out the car and chased after the suspects. After catching the passenger, Carlos Keith Blackman, police say there was a brief but violent struggle.

Based on footage captured on LaBarre's body camera, police think that he had Blackman on the ground and was trying to handcuff him when Blackman assaulted the officer and escaped.

While LaBarre was trying to handcuff Blackman, his partner, Officer Garrison, was arresting the driver of the car. After putting him in the backseat of another patrol car, police say Garrison ran to help her partner.

Audio from body cameras reveals there were several gunshots fired in rapid succession. Right after the shots were fired, Garrison found LaBarre with a gunshot wound to his upper torso.

Police say Blackman kept on running and was later found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He died in the hospital Friday night.

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LaBarre has since been released from the hospital. He told Greensboro police that he is grateful for all of the prayers and warm wishes he has received from the public.

"This is a very trying time so we ask that the community keep every person in their thoughts and prayers," said public information officer Susan Danielsen.

The Mayor of Greensboro, Nancy Vaughan, joins those concerned about everyone affected by this incident.

“On behalf of the city of Greensboro, our prayers and well wishes go out to the officers and their families for a full and speedy recovery. In addition, we would also like to recognize that another family is grieving, and we send out our prayers and support to them as well.”

The SBI is now investigating the incident and both officers are placed on administrative duties as the investigation continues.

At the crime scene, the SBI found a weapon that did not belong to the officers involved. They believe it belonged to Blackman. The investigation is in early stages and police said more information will be released.

The last Greensboro officer who was shot was in 2009.

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