CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A Chesapeake family is distraught and begging for help after they say someone stole their two pitbull puppies.

Owner Summer Bean said when she came home on Friday, she noticed some things were out of place.

“I noticed that my cord to my straightener was cut to the very tip, so there was a long cord, it was just gone,” said Bean. “Their collars were in my room, they were gone.”

Bean quickly realized her two, five-month-old puppies, Ariel and Sebastian, were missing from their crate.

“I went through the whole house and checked about three or four times, went to the garage, checked everywhere, they were just gone,” said Bean.

PHOTOS: Woman begging for safe return of two stolen puppies

Bean said she found the back gate unlocked, the windows to the back of the house were open, leading her to believe they were stolen.

Bean’s mother, Renee, said the family has searched everywhere and has handed out “reward” posters for the puppies’ safe return.

“I don't know what to do,” said Renee Bean. “I feel helpless. I can’t just get them back for her.”

As the two anxiously wait for a sign that the puppies might return, they say they hope they’re safe.

“Who has them and why?” said Summer Bean as she choked back tears. “Are they being fed? Are they being taken care of? I hope they're together.”

Chesapeake Police say they are investigating the incident.