NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A Norfolk family is desperate to find who shot their dog on Thanksgiving Day, causing him to die.

The family said they are the victims, but the police are treating them more like suspects.

The shooting happened near their home on Bonnot Drive.

Owner Alyssa Bogard still gets chocked up just talking about her one-year-old black lab, Fang.

“Big amber eyes, I adored him,” said Bogard. “I’ve been crying ever since it happened and the more I think about it the more ticked off I get.”

Bogard says Fang and her other dog, Salina, were in their fenced in backyard, while she was inside preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

“I went into the kitchen to grab some turkey bones, some turkey meat, to give them a treat and he wouldn’t get up and I thought he was just being lazy but then I actually looked and he was covered in blood,” said Bogard.

It appears Fang either escaped through a hole in the fence, or was intentionally let out, then shot multiple times, before scampering back home.

“He turned around to come home and they shot him again,” said Bogard.

Fang was rushed to the vet, but the injuries were too severe he was put to sleep a day later.

“Very, very, very, angry,” said Bogard.

Bogard called police looking for justice but when animal control arrived it was Bogard who came under fire, getting issued a court summons.

The military wife and mother was charged with a class three misdemeanor.

“Failure to perform duties of ownership,” said Bogard reading the charges against her.

She said she would never abuse or neglect any of her pets.

Bogard can’t believe police would spend the time dragging her into court, when the person who murdered Fang is still out there.

“So frustrated, they should be out there looking for him, not do this to me, when I’m mourning still,” said Bogard.

Norfolk Police say if anyone out there has information on who may have shot Fang you’re being urged to contact them.