NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Four men who were arrested in connection to the robberies of three AT&T stores across Hampton Roads have all pleaded guilty.

23-year-old Kendrick Perry, 24-year-old Brice Keeling, 25-year-old Breon Berry, and 27-year-old Corey Holmes pleaded guilty to charges related to their respective roles.

The men would enter the stores wearing masks and brandished what appeared to be firearms at the employees. They would subsequently demand money and access to the unsold electronic devices, including cell phones and tablets.

They then would make the employees get down on the floor, zip tied their hands and feet, and took the employees personal phones and some form of identification, telling the employees that they now know where the employees live.

In total, the men took approximately $370,000 worth of electronic devices and approximately $3,432 in cash during the robberies.

According to their guilty pleas, Keeling and Holmes conducted two of the robberies, while Keeling and Perry conducted the remaining robbery. Berry was the get-away driver for all three robberies.

Their robbery spree came to an end when a construction worker took down the license plate of their fleeing vehicle during their last robbery, which was traced back to Berry.

Berry confessed after his arrest, and named his co-conspirators.

Holmes was arrested in Norfolk, while Keeling and Perry were eventually arrested in Columbia, South Carolina, attempting to sell the electronic devices from the last robbery.

Each man faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for January 2017.