VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Two of the three men who were allegedly involved in an attempted GameStop robbery that led to a shooting involving Hampton Police are now facing murder charges in connection to a double homicide in Virginia Beach.

Emergency dispatchers received a call about a situation at a residence shortly before noon on Sunday in the 2200 block of Archives Court in Virginia Beach.

When officers arrived, they discovered the bodies of 28-year-old John Andre Rathjen and 23-year-old Rayvonne Sharome Miles inside the home.

Following an investigation, police on Thursday charged 20-year-old James Cole Gregory, and 29-year-old Leonard Allen Morrison III with two counts of First Degree Murder, two counts of Robbery and four counts of Use of a Firearm.

Both men are also charged in connection to an attempted robbery that ended in an exchange of gunfire with police.

13News Now spoke with James Gregory's roommate, Timisha Brown. Brown said Gregory brought Morrison to the house a lot, which is when the trouble began.

"[I would] notice a difference in their behavior and I would kick them out," said Brown. "Y'all got a different vibe, different gestures or y'all screaming and yelling."

Brown said she kicked Gregory out after he failed to pay rent. Monday morning, Brown said Gregory kicked in her front door and Morrison pulled out a gun.

"He pulled a gun out on my sister and he said while I was on the phone with the police, 'I'm not scared of them! Tell them to come on!'" said Brown.

Brown said the pair left and later returned with a PlayStation, Cricket wireless cell phone and $500. Then they ran off again.

The suspects allegedly tried robbing a GameStop on Hampton Roads Center Parkway, but fled when police arrived.

After a short chase, an officer found Morrison and they began to fight as the officer tried to take him into custody. During the fight, the suspect was able to grab the officer's gun.

Police say another officer saw the fight and -- realizing Morrison had a weapon -- exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

Morrison was shot multiple times, while one of the Hampton police officers was shot once. The officer has since been treated at a hospital and released, while Morrison remains in the hospital.

Gregory and another suspect, 27-year-old Allen Jamal Ralph, are already in custody in connection to the robbery and police shooting.

The three men are also believed to be connected to another robbery at a Chesapeake GameStop.

After learning about all of the crimes, Brown said she's terrified.

"I don't care if they're behind bars," said Brown. "I don't care if they're there for a long time. I'm still scared for my life."