NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A woman new to Hampton Roads was welcomed by theft. This happened just after police reported an increase in car larcenies.

Madisun Dewan tells 13News Now she parked her car near the intersection of Granby Street and Shirley Avenue on Sunday night. The next morning, she found the back window was broken out, and her new 10-inch subwoofer speakers, as well as some clothes were gone.

She says those speakers were a Christmas gift that cost hundreds of dollars.

It's just the latest incident in a growing string of vehicles that have been broken into.

"For the month of December 2016, there have been 259 reports of larcenies from vehicles which is an increase of 44 reports from last December," said a police spokesperson in a statement.

"That's kind of scary," added Dewan.

Police offer these reminders to help minimize the chance of theft:

  • ALWAYS hide your valuables. Remember, if something is in sight, it may take flight!
  • Lock the doors, and roll up the windows, even if you plan to be away for a short time.
  • Remove GPS, AND the GPS mounts.
  • Hide ALL electronic cords and power sources.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle Unattended and Running!
  • Do not leave your keys or hide a second set of keys inside your vehicle.
  • Park in well-lit areas.

For more information regarding stolen auto or larceny from auto safety tips, please contact a Community Affairs Officer at 757-664-6901, or download a Community Affairs Brochure.