NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A Suffolk man was sentenced to nearly six decades behind bars for his involvement in a string of robberies committed across Hampton Roads.

27-year-old Arthur Santiful was convicted of robbing at gunpoint eight 7-Elevens, a hotel, and a pizza delivery driver during a six-week crime spree in August and September of 2015. During Santiful's trial, witnesses testified he shot at one robbery victim, pistol whipped a second victim, and threatened to kill several clerks if they did not cooperate.

A co-conspirator, Michael Zeigler, pleaded guilty and was sentenced last month to 14 years in prison.

In Santiful's case, a judge sentenced him to 59 years in prison.

The huge difference in sentences was because one robber accepted responsibility while the other did not, according to US Attorney Dana Boente.

"This sentence reflects the fair and measured judgment of the court in the case of two armed robbers," Boente said in a press release, "one who accepted responsibility for the harm he caused, and the other who did not."