FRANKLIN, Va (WVEC) – A man says he feels violated after thieves have targeted his home not once, twice, but four times.

Among the items stolen: guns and money.

“This latest time was an assault on the house,” said Kim Kreider.

Three nights ago on Dec 8 around 8 p.m., he said home surveillance caught three masked thieves on camera breaking into his home.

The video shows the trio getting in and out in a little more than two minutes, but not before breaking a safe and stealing more than $400.

"It's almost like they’re nonchalant like their taking their time," said Captain Tim Whitt with the Franklin Police Department.

Neighbors along Edwards Street say they have been on the lookout and upgraded their security. They say it’s for good reason.

"We heard of it [happening] at least two or three times," said Robert Myrick.

The first time was two years ago, but someone was arrested and convicted. Kreider said he thought it was over until this year. Burglars struck two more times and then this most recent incident.

He said he has upgraded security multiple times, but thieves find new ways in each time.

“They’re getting smarter,” Kreider explained.

Luckily a handgun wasn’t stolen. Previous times, a shotgun, pistol and rifle were taken from his home. The firearms weren’t locked up.

"Make sure that specific items of great value, you have serial numbers that can be used to trace the items,” Whitt said. “Especially firearms, keep them locked up in safes.”

Meanwhile, Kreider says there’s not anything of much value left in his home. He recommends people buy heavier safes.

Franklin Police continue to investigate the three latest incidents. There have been no arrests.