CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Child Care Centers across Chesapeake were being targeted this week by thieves. Six had cars broken into in their parking lot, and so far police have yet to make an arrest.

Katie Cornatzer, owner of The Goddard School, dissects security video of her parking lot 4:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. She watched as a car backs into a parking spot, the passenger gets out and checks the window of the car next to him, smashes it, then leaves with a purse.

“You have hard working parents who work all day long, come here, and want to pick up their child, run in really quickly, run out, and then their purse is gone in a matter of minutes,” said Cornatzer.

Cornatzer said the suspects were preying on parents from across the street, waiting for them to go inside to pick up their kids, then swooping in.

Five minutes after the break-in, the suspects' car rolled back into the parking lot and parked next to another vehicle. A second purse was stolen, while at the same time victim number one had returned to her car to find broken glass.

“And she’s freaking out legitimately and he’s going to go right past her,” said Cornatzer.

Cornatzer was shocked how bold these criminals were.

“Middle of the day, people coming in and out of the school, children coming in and out of the parking lot, and that to me scares me the most,” said Cornatzer.

The Goddard School is not alone.

Between December 7 and 11, KinderCare, Creative World School, La Petite Academy, Apple Tree Learning Center and Ocean Tumblers have all had cars broken into in their parking lot.

Parents worry, who will be next?

“I can’t believe that that actually happens now, that people are that brazen to come up and go do that, in the middle of the day, broad daylight, just bang, bang, bang, take it and go, gone,” said parent Derek Riepea.

If anyone has any information on this case you are being urged to call Chesapeake Police.