GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Sheriff's deputies said Tuesday that they arrested a third person in connection to the murders of two women.

Charley Riley, 26, of Topping, Virginia is charged with two counts of Accessory after the Fact, a felony.

Deputies previously arrested Kenneth Ray Miller, 39, and Amanda Epps, 22. They and Riley are charged in the murders of Helga Marie Frost and Eleni Gabrielle Wright-Bonnette.

Investigators said Miller shot Frost and Wright-Bonnette inside Frost's home in the 7400 block of Bellehaven Dr. on December 11. Frost died inside the home. Wright-Bonnette died at the hospital the following day.

Criminal complaints filed against Miller and Epps say surveillance footage from the home shows an argument taking place before the shootings.

The paperwork states that a man, whom investigators say was Miller, entered the home and argued fought with Frost and Wright-Bonnette. The man leaves, then returns with a gun. The video shows him holding the women at gunpoint as he follows them to a bedroom. The criminal complaints say:

Several muzzle flashes can be seen with the suspect's back to the camera, clearly indicating he is firing on the victims. The male is seen on camera leaving the residence with a safe he removed from a hallway closet.

The documents say the man left in an SUV which investigators were able to link to Miller. They found him and took him into custody on an outstanding warrant out of Middlesex County. Deputies said Miller had more than $9,000 on him at the time of his arrest.

Investigators determined that Miller attempted to have a relationship with Frost while she was separated from Wright-Bonnette.

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The criminal complaint filed against Epps says she was with Miller the night of the murders and that she was with him when deputies arrested him. The document adds that when investigators interviewed Epps at her home on December 15, she admitted she drove him to the home on Bellehaven Drive.

Epps acknowledged Miller had a gun and said he planned to rob Frost and Wright-Bonnette of their marijuana. She told investigators that came out of the home with a safe.

Ms. Epps stated Mr. Miller then told her that he had to kill the two victims because they were about to call 911. Ms. Epps then admitted to driving Mr. Miller to a residence in Middlesex County where $17,000 was removed from said safe.

Deputies arrested Epps on December 15. She faces two counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony. Those are the same charges Miller faces.

A friend of the victims spoke to 13News Now about the developments in the case.

"I never knew Marie and Eleni to be into drugs," said Chelsea Dentler, a friend of Frost since middle school. "She invited [Miller] into her house as a friend several times before this ordeal happened and that's how he repays her."

Dentler added, "It's probably not professional of me to say this, but I hope Kenny and Amanda rot for what they did."

Epps, Miller, and Riley are in Gloucester County Jail with no bond set.

Charley Riley, Kenneth Miller, and Amanda Epps