Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - A newly released video shows a man slap a teenager that he believed had been causing problems for his girlfriend's daughter.

Kershaw County deputies distributed a cell phone video that shows what happened aboard a school bus in the county on Tuesday.

Karl Vernon Williams, 36, is charged with assault and battery third degree, disturbing schools, and interfering with the operation of a school bus in connection with the incident.

The video shows a man, who deputies say is Williams come on board and ask the teen, "are you the one that's been messing with my stepdaughter?" A moment later, the man on the video can be seen slapping the teen in the head.

The man then walks off the bus, and a girl leaves with him.

Officers say after it happened, the parent of the victim called them to say her son had been attacked. Deputies looked at the footage on the bus and were able to identify Williams as the attacker.

Officers took him into custody Wednesday.

Deputies did say they believe the victim and the daughter of Williams' girlfriend had previously had some type of confrontation.

“Williams decided to take the matter into his own hands and when the school bus stopped to drop off the female, he boarded the bus, assaulted the male victim and left," Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said.