NEW ORLEANS - "The last thing he remembers is two guys chasing him. Caught up to him. Beat him and then hit him upside the head with a baseball bat," said Jason Guin, the victim's brother.

Jumped, robbed and brutally attacked is how Kevin Guin's family describes what happened to him.

Guin, 33 years old from Virginia, was in New Orleans for a bachelor party when he claims two men attacked him and hit him with a baseball bat.

Guin's older brother, Jason Guin tells Eyewitness News they were at the Cats Meow late Thursday night. Some time around 11 p.m., Guin says his brother left and headed towards their hotel, but took a wrong turn.

Jason Guin tried reaching Kevin several times, but his phone kept going to voice mail.

Police say an officer was flagged down by a witness in the 500 block of Dumaine Street. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Kevin Guin suffering from a head injury. The witness told officers he saw a black man leaning over Kevin Guin, going through his pockets while he was on the ground before fleeing.

Guin says the next morning he received a call from a detective, telling him that his brother Kevin was in the ICU. Guin had to have emergency surgery following the attack and had 31 staples placed in his head.

"They took him out of ICU yesterday afternoon. Moved him down to a regular room. Just did physical therapy today. Still doesn't have movement in his right arm. He can't control his right arm. I mean nothing. No movement. Can't move his fingers," Jason Guin said.

Right now the family is hoping that by speaking out, a witness will come forward or those responsible will turn themselves in. NOPD is investigating the matter as an attempted armed robbery.

"There's a lot of anger. Just ‘cause somebody comes out of a bar, by himself and, goes down the wrong street. And us not knowing where we are, I guess he got spun around. He went down the wrong street and ended up in the hospital. All of his money stolen. Cell phone. All that stuff. Frustration," Guin said.

The family is now working on finding a way to send Guin back to his home in Virginia.

A friend of the family has also set up a GoFundMe account for Kevin. The account can be found here.

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