Yankees legend Derek Jeter and his wife, model Hannah Davis are expecting a baby. Here's how the lovely and talented couple made the announcement ...

The pink balloons suggest that, yes, it's a girl. Here's a slice of the excerpted article linked above, which was written by the mom-to-be on the dad-to-be's website:

"Whatever her name is, I know she'll run circles around him. We want our kids' lives to be as 'normal' as possible. They're going to be born into such an extraordinary situation. They're going to have to be some strong little people. We don't want them to be defined by their dad's name--for them, we want him to just be 'Dad.' That will be the piece of him they'll have that the rest of the world doesn't. It will be special, and it will be theirs."

Jeter, 42, retired from MLB following the 2015 season. He is of course one of the greatest shortstops in baseball history and will be a no-doubt first-ballot Hall of Famer when his time comes. He and Davis, age 26, have been married since July of last year.

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Photos: Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis