VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Thousands of people in Hampton Roads spent hours in the dark Thursday. Dominion Energy Crews are doing all they can to get the lights and heat restored.

High winds and heavy snow took down power lines and broke cross arms.

Virginia Beach saw the brunt of outages, with 40,000 without power at one point. Chesapeake and Norfolk also had significant outages.

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ou'd think folks weathering this storm in the dark and bitter cold would be, well, bitter, but many we talked to are thankful for the crews working to restore their power.

It was not an alarm clock that woke up Jeff and Jennifer Keeney around one o'clock this morning.

"A bright light flash woke me up," Jeff recalled."It came from over here behind this house over here. It was purple and yellow, a big light. It went off a couple of times."

The power went out and it's been out ever since

"We're just bundled up as much as we can with blankets and jackets inside," Jeff said.

While he was at work, Jennifer and the kids had to get creative to stay warm.

"My kids are being silly," Jennifer described. "I'll play music on my phone. We're just dancing and running around."

Like many in Hampton Roads, Thursday night, the Keeneys had to rely on the kindness of friends. They sought shelter at a home with power.

"It's already cold right now, so it's just going to get worse," Jeff guessed.

Dominion officials estimated by 11 o'clock Thursday night, they expect to have power and heat restored to 90 percent of affected customers.

"If there's a location where we can get the most people on with one work location we're going to go to that location first and then prioritize that way," Spokesman Rob Richardson explained.

For that hard work, they have the thanks of the folks of Hampton Roads.

"We know that they're working really hard and it's freezing outside and we're just so grateful that they're doing as much as they can," Jennifer added.

For those who don't get their power and heat back on Thursday night, Dominion officials said the goal is to have all power restored by 5 p.m. Friday.

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