NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) – A bold crime left a local charity in shock after someone stole a donation jar from the Hope House Thrift Store in Norfolk.

Operational Coordinator Frances Ross says she stepped away from the register Wednesday afternoon when the thief snatched the jar.

“I went to the back to get a bucket of men's shoes to price while I was at the register to put them out for sale. When I came back from the back, I noticed that it was just gone,” she said.

Ross checked the surveillance tapes and found a man dressed in blue taking the donation jar right off the counter, then walking out.

“You could see in the video that he apparently watched me walk through that door because his head is pointed in that direction, like to make sure that I wasn't coming out quick enough for him to get away with it. And it really just breaks my heart to see that you would take something that doesn't belong to you,” Ross said.

The money was supposed to go towards the Hope House Foundation--a local organization that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“It’s really sad because we have very generous donors and shoppers, and without our donors and shoppers, who are very loyal, we wouldn't be able to help the people that we help,” Ross said.

By making his picture public, Ross hopes it serves as a warning to other businesses. She also hopes someone might recognize him and help police track him down.

“He has to deal with asking for forgiveness in the way that he feels he should and give back some good in a different way to somebody else to make up for what he did,” Ross said.