INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- It started out as a social studies project for students at Porter Ridge Middle School students. The idea was for students to pick a name from a list of 60 influential people, research them and present on them in class all while dressed up like the selected person.

One parent sounded off to school leaders, however, when she saw Adolf Hitler’s name on the list.

Indian Trail resident and mother, Shanae Fonseca, was disgusted the Nazi leader was even listed.

“The mere fact that they feel it is okay for children to walk the halls in swastikas is mortifying,” wrote Fonseca.

After she voiced her concern, the principal made a change and said no students will dress up like anyone at all.

In addition to Hitler, other names listed include Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Ernest Hemingway.

Other parents think that’s wrong and Hitler’s name should remain on the list.

“They should know who he is, I think. I mean, he played a big part in our history, not a good part but they should know about him and learn about him,” said parent Vicki Viegelmann.

As of now, Hitler will remain on the list for students to study, research and present about, in class.

School leaders say they will review the overall project this week and perhaps make adjustments and changes to the list.