NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - Oceanair Elementary students are getting ready to cast their ballots for the presidential election.

Former Harlem Globe Trotters Pee Wee Harrison and Hollywood Brown spent the day showing students what it means to be a responsible citizen, using their basketball skills and humor to teach students about the importance of voting.

“We go around and we inspire kids on different issues all around the country. It could be bullying at one time, it could be character, education... this time it just happens to be ‘Every Kid Votes,’” Harrison said.

On November 1st, kids from all across the country will cast their ballots in a mock presidential election administered by Every Kid Votes.

“We are preparing our little kids for the future to have the responsibility to vote,” Brown said.

Students participating in 'Every Kid Votes' have correctly predicted the winning candidate three elections in a row.