RICHMOND, Va. (WVEC) -- Schools across Virginia could see some big changes to the state’s rating system. The Board of Education is considering an overhaul of the accreditation system that’s been in place for nearly 20 years.

The public has been weighing in all summer. Luckily for many parents, the Board of Education is already considering changing accreditation standards in schools, so test scores like the SOL are not the deciding factor.

Right now, schools in Virginia are fully accredited if 75 percent of students pass English and writing, and if 70 percent of students pass math, science and history. However state officials are concerned that students pass or fail, but there's no credit for growth.

Under this new rating system, a school would either be accredited, accredited with conditions or denied accreditation.

The ratings would depend on many factors besides just test scores, like dropouts, achievement gaps, if students are constantly missing school.

"That's a major incentive for students, for teachers and schools, but also for parents to see that a child is making progress," said Bill Canaday with the State Board of Education.

Officials believe this new system will affect schools that are fully accredited, and address those problems they're seeing. The board plans to adopt changes, if any, this summer.