NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Elderly and disabled residents of the Lakewood Plaza Apartments in Norfolk told 13News Now that for nearly three weeks the air conditioning has been out in the building.

One resident of the complex, who did not want to be identified, told 13News Now it has reached nearly 80 degrees in his apartment.

“There’s some people that are on oxygen and they need this [A/C]. This could be a health problem,” he said.

Another woman who lives in the building sent us a picture of the thermostat in her apartment showing a reading beyond 90 degrees.

The A/C issue is the latest of several of the apartment’s ongoing maintenance problems. One resident said several floors are still unlivable due to flooding and the heat system sometimes doesn’t work.

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“The system converts from air conditioning to heat every spring then it gets turned on to air conditioning from heat. We've had days where its cold and I'm freezing my *expletive* off,” he said.

A staff member with Lakewood Plaza, which manages the property for U-S Department of Housing and Urban Development asked 13News Now to leave the property when we tried to ask them about the resident’s concerns.

We reached out to HUD about the air conditioning problem and a spokesperson with HUD sent us the following statement.

“The A/C is not working because it is being switched out right now—there are new chillers being installed. There should have been a resident notification this was going to happen. The A/C is off while they are doing the switch over from winter to summer. The system process includes draining the chillers. The drainage was completed; the new units were delivered on June 1 and the contractor is currently onsite. The A/C will be back up and running on Thursday.”
Lisa A. Wolfe
Regional Public Affairs Officer
Office of Field Policy and Management
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Wolfe also said new signs have been placed in the building updating residents about the A/C system process.

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