JAMES CITY CO., Va. (WVEC) -- Employees and volunteers came together to help build an outdoor classroom for James River Elementary School.

Employees from the County and the City Service Authority were joined by volunteers from James River Elementary PTA, Tiki Tree & Landscape, Five Brothers Lawn Care, the Home Depot Foundation, Water's Edge Church, United Way, and Henry S. Branscome Contractors.

The school used to have an outdoor classroom, but it was abandoned in 2003 after the trail leading to it was block by several large trees that had fallen due to Hurricane Isabel.

The project was completed over 90 days. Employees and volunteers worked together to help clear the patch, prepare the walkway, spread mulch, line the trail with railroad ties, repair existing benches, and construct a new classroom at the head of the trail for easier accessibility.

The outdoor classroom will be available for teachers of all grades, to teach in a natural learning space.