VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Law enforcement and first responders came together Friday for an exercise on how to deal with with the increasing Fentanyl overdose problems occurring across the country.

According to the DEA, the Commonwealth is just one of six states that recorded 500 or more police encounters with Fentanyl.

Emergency crews can become sick if they inadvertently come into contact with Fentanyl, developing symptoms such as couching, disorientation, respiratory distress, and even cardiac arrest. Contact can be as simple as breathing in tiny air-borne particles of the drug in powder form or even absorption through the skin.

The DEA, FBI, VDEM, State and local police teamed up Friday with the Virginia Beach Fire Department's HAZMAT Team to learn more on how to handle situations where they may come into contact with the dangerous drug.

The scenario featured authorities encountering an illegal Fentanyl Milling Operation. Participants learned how to respond to the situation without seriously injuring themselves or the public.