CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Lindsay Kunz did the trip just a few days ago; she loaded up her two-door Toyota Celica with her 13-year old son Dominic along with her three dogs and cat to make the trip to Chesapeake.

Her family was being evacuated from Florida because of Irma but her husband Nick stayed behind because he is in the United States Coast Guard, so he and his fellow guardsmen had to take their ship south of Cuba to get out of Irma's way.

"It was tough because I had to look my family in the face and say you know what I got to go out and do what I do but you guys be safe," said Nick Kunz.

Right now the family is back together, reunited in Florida.

"I was ready to come home we left Chesapeake yesterday morning at nine a-m, our 13-year old son, three dogs and ca drove straight through, I had a car of rock stars, drove straight through last night," said Lindsay Kunz.

They moved into their Cutler Bay home in June; it's a town that is located between Miami and Homestead, Florida.

When they returned to Florida they had no idea what they would find.

"It was very nerve wracking not knowing, yeah, I'll leave it at that," slowly said the husband Nick Kunz.

The couple was relieved to learn their home is still standing. However, their house did have some water in it and some trees in their yard and neighborhood were scatted about.

"I am very happy and very thankful I don't know if things had been worse here I don't know how I would've been able to handle it, like I said it's devastating because you just don't know," said Lindsay Kunz.