NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Members of the federal law enforcement community have an acute interest in today's testimony by former FBI director James Comey.

Especially after President Trump has previously called former FBI director James Comey "a nutjob."

Under oath before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Comey fired back.

"The administration chose to defame me, and more importantly the FBI, by saying it was in disarray, it was poorly led, that the work force had lost confidence in its leader," he said. "Those were lies, plain and simple."

Former FBI agent Steve Foster may speak for many of his peers and colleagues.

"I know a lot of the men and women who are actively engaged at the FBI as well as retired agents," he said. "And we're all concerned about morale at the bureau."

Foster, twenty-year veteran, now teaches cyber security at Thomas Nelson Community College. He is confident the agents will keep doing their work, and do it well.

"The agents, sure they're are a little distressed about the comments they're hearing in the press, but frankly, they're professionals," he said. "They're dedicated people, they are going to compete these investigations and get to the facts."

Lastly, Foster says, Comey stood during his testimony.

"Former Director Comey spoke about the independence of the FBI," he said. "And that is so important that the director must be independent of politics. He must be able to manage and direct investigations going on today with quote Russia-gate and all the investigations surrounding that."