WASHINGTON, D.C. (WVEC) -- Bringing home the bacon.

That's what a plum new assignment for Rep. Scott Taylor could mean for Hampton Roads.

The Second District Republican has been named to the important House Appropriations Committee.

"We've been working really hard for about three months, actually after the primary was over, building relationships up here to make sure we landed on something like his, because it's crucial and it's important, not only for our district but the national security of the nation quite frankly," he said in an interview with 13News Now.

His office put out a news release Thursday. It said:

Today Congressman Scott Taylor was appointed to the powerful Appropriations Committee, the first freshman from Virginia in U.S. history to serve for a full term. He will also be the only Virginia appropriator as well. Appropriators in Congress allocate resources for federal government spending. Rep. Taylor has been working to build relationships with the members of the Virginia delegation and House Republican leadership to make this appointment happen, clearly those efforts paid off.

This is also extremely important for the Hampton Roads region, as there are significant military and federal interests in our area and Scott Taylor will be in a pivotal position to protect and enhance these federal assets. It is an extremely rare occurrence for a freshman member to be appointed to this committee.

Congressman Taylor had this to say about the appointment:

"I am honored to be part of the Appropriations Committee and I look forward to serving my constituents, Virginia, and this nation. This is not something I take lightly, and I am well-aware of both the opportunities and the challenges facing our country. We have the duty to thread the needle between fiscal responsibility and providing the funds for a strong national defense."