ROME, Ga. -- A fair ride malfunction in northwest Georgia left two young children dangling 30 feet above the ground on Wednesday.

And while no one was hurt, the ride incident left lots of frayed nerves.

Tony Cooper says that while his family was at the Coosa Valley Fair in Rome, Ga., a ride called “The Zipper” malfunctioned. The force of the problem flung the door of the ride car open, and jarred loose the harness holding in Cooper’s 13-year-old son Brayden.

Cooper said Brayden was able to grab the harness and hold on, which kept him from falling from the ride to the ground below.

Cooper’s young niece Gracie was still strapped into the ride car, but was hanging, face down as Brayden held on until ride technicians could bring the two safely to the ground.

Cooper took his family to the first aid tent as a precaution and said staff members apologized for what happened. He told 11Alive’s Joe Henke that he wants to make sure this type of accident does not happen to another rider or family.

The Exchange Club of Rome organizes the Coosa Valley Fair and Wade Shows operates the rides for the fair. The ride has been closed since the incident.

Staff members told 11Alive News they were waiting for a representative from the ride’s manufacturer to arrive from Florida to inspect it, but said that the person had been delayed by Hurricane Matthew.

It is not clear as to whether or not the ride will be inspected and reopened before the fair ends its run this weekend.