NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Mia Rivera, who's 14-years-old, came home upset after trick-or-treating with friends.

Her mother was confused because it was supposed to be a fun night with friends.

She went out like a normal kid, as her favorite character from her favorite movie. Her night ended a bit early because she says someone didn't treat her like they would most kids.

"I want to be a normal teenager and I want to be treated like one too," she said. "I cried a little bit, which I tried not to show it."

Mia said she understands, she's not like most 14-year-olds having to carry around a pump in a backpack for her feeding tube, as a result of many chronic illnesses and a liver disease.

"It goes in my nose, down my throat, and into my stomach," Mia explained to 13News Now.

She said an adult told her on Halloween night, her feeding tube was "disturbing"

"I mean I was kind of mad too because he was an adult and he shouldn't have said it. He didn't know, I guess," she said.

Mia said she just wants people to be aware, not just for her sake, but for other children suffering from illnesses.

She wants people to know what people can see and make fun of her for, they can't see how it affects her life. Like, when her mom looks at the homecoming dress she never got to wear because she was in the hospital or the inspirational sign in her room near the makeup most teenagers her age have.

"I'm an open book. If you want to ask me what's wrong with this, I'll answer," Mia said.

It's an idea she thinks isn't too farfetched that will go a long way.