SEAFORD, Va. (WVEC) —Two young girls used their lemonade stand to raise money for another student.

Ryleigh Cimon and Callie Gillikin wanted to sell lemonade last weekend. Callie’s mother, Melanie Gillikin told the girls they could do it, but they had to have a purpose. The Seaford Elementary students decided to raise money for Wes Pak.

Pak is a Seaford Elementary fifth-grader, who has been battling cancer, stage four Neuroblastoma, for years more than half his life. The girls set up their stand, and the donations started pouring in.

“It just made me proud of these girls for doing what they did,” said Gillikin.

Within just a few hours the girls raised more than $100. Gillikin posted a picture of the girls selling lemonade on social media and even said she would add half of what they made herself. Since then, other people have stopped by to give money and drop off checks to support Wes and his family.

Wes’ mother, Krista Pak, told 13News Now she was brought to tears when she found out about the lemonade stand, and it put a smile on her son’s face.

“It’s truly touching to see how much love and support has been felt for my son and our family within the community,” said Pak

Wes has been in and out of the hospital again recently, but thankfully he was able to attend his fifth grade graduation Wednesday. His mom says that gave Wes a chance to be a child again, even if just for a moment.

After six years of fighting and four relapses, his mom says it’s the small gestures like a lemonade stand that keep Wes smiling.

“I can’t imagine having to go through that myself, so anything we can do to help somebody, I would hope they would do the same if I were in that situation,” said Gillikin.