VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Governor Terry McAuliffe is being briefed about the severe flooding that happened after Hurricane Matthew last weekend, and he is going to seek federal aid to help the community.

McAuliffe spoke about the damage the storm left behind, particularly in Virginia Beach.

"On Saturday evening, the warm air [from Hurricane Matthew] and the cold air [from a cold front] collided, and produced a record amount of rainfall and high winds which for many communities, was just plain devastating," McAuliffe said.

He went on to say, "I plan on early next week or the middle of next week... I am planning on sending a letter to President Obama requesting FEMA assistance to assist the individuals and businesses who have been impacted."

McAuliffe expects the request will be approved, as the damage in Virginia has met the threshold for federal assistance.

"A little numb, trying to, just like at work, we are trying to use laughter to get through hard things, so there's a lot of laughing," said Christine Dosmann, a homeowner who is still cleaning up after the storm.

Dosmann opened up her home to Governor McAuliffe and his team on Wednesday, as they toured the areas that saw the most damage.

McAuliffe says he estimates that only 15% of the homeowners that saw damage, did not have flood insurance. He says once the FEMA funds are approved, checks can begin being cut in as little as 48 hours.