HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) Hampton City Schools and Ford are working together to provide career focused learning to high school students.

Hampton is one of twenty-three cities in the country to participate in Ford’s Next Generation Learning program.

The program will be available to every student who attends the four high schools in Hampton. Three to four academies will be opened in each school.

Each academy will focus on career fields that need skilled employees in Hampton, such as I.T., engineering, and public safety.

Director of Academies Veronica Hurd said, “The great part about this program is it makes us look at what our needs are and then we have the opportunity now to start working with those young people to fulfill those needs.”

The schools and local businesses will be working together as a part of the program to bring a “real world” element to the classroom. With the hopes of students graduating high school with a better understanding of what their desired career field requires.

For more information visit their website, here.