HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- It’s a partnership that promises to help out the environment all while adding more green to your wallet and one Hampton Roads city is taking advantage.

SWIFT (Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow) is a program that was recently launched by the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.

The project takes your waste water and purifies it to acceptable drinking standards.

It’s with the goal to preserve that water and inject it into the underground Potomac Aquifer.

In return, no pollution-filled discharge goes into the Chesapeake Bat, which gives HRSD pollution-reduction credits.

“By us not using all of our [credits], we can actually trade that with the localities for storm water work,” said General Manager, Ted Henifin.

Hampton is the first regional city out of 11 that HRSD serves to latch on to the savings potentials.

“The fee that’s around $8.50 now would have gone up quite a bit,” said Robin McCormick, City Spokesperson.

“Then that means about a 12.5% increase that was planned for every two years, up through 2020, wouldn’t necessarily have to go into effect.”

Over time, McCormick expects residents to save millions of dollars.

HRSD also expects the injected water into the ground to decrease sea levels, aiding in flood mitigation.

“We’re all customers of HRSD, so we’re going to have to pay some amount anyway, so the most important thing is to do the project that gives us the most improvement all across the board,” said McCormick.

Hampton City Council will vote on the measure Wednesday. HRSD hopes to partner with all cities it serves, saving in the billions.

Chesapeake is the next locality looking to partner, Hunifin said.