PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- A raccoon has tested positive for rabies on Jewell Avenue in Portsmouth.

On Monday, the Portsmouth Animal Control responded to a residence where the owners dogs had gotten into an altercation with a raccoon.

The dogs killed the raccoon, and on Wednesday the Portsmouth Health Department received the results that the raccoon was positive for the rabies virus.

According to officials, no humans have been identified as being exposed and the dogs are being properly managed by the Portsmouth Animal Control.

The Health Department strongly advises residents and visitors to take steps to prevent families and pets from being exposed.

Try to eliminate outdoor food sources around the home, and do not feed stray or wild animals. Officials also suggest to avoid contact between yourself, and your pets, and wild animals or strays.

Any stray animals in the area can be reported to the Portsmouth Bureau of Animal Control at 393-8430.