(WVEC) -- Snapchat announced the new Snap Map feature earlier this week, and while some people were excited, others were not so pleased with the idea.

Snap Map allows friends to see where users are posting, revealing their location on a map. The goal behind the feature is to make it easier to find and communicate with friends, as well as check in on what other users are up to around the world.

Some parents worry that the feature will put their children in danger.

Snap Map launched as part of an update to Snapchat's software earlier this week. Once users update the app, they will need to pinch the screen to open the new feature.

Once Snap Map is open, it will show the location of the user and all of their friends as their Bitmoji image. Public Snapchat accounts, such as Good Morning America, will also appear on the map.

Users are able to opt out of the Snap Map by setting their app to "Ghost Mode." This mode will remove the user's location from the map software.

If you are interested in learning about how to set your app to ghost mode, follow the steps below: