COLFAX, N.C. -- Stunning video captured on a baby monitor shows a dresser falling on a toddler. What happens next is even more amazing. His 2-year-old twin somehow lifts the dresser off of his brother. Neither boys were hurt.

WATCH: 2-Year-Old Rescues Twin Brother Trapped Under Dresser

Like most parents, Erin Williams was stunned to see how quickly and easily the dresser toppled over.

"It's like a punch in the gut right as you see it happening and just fear and thank God those little boys are both OK," said Williams.

The video is a punch in the gut and Williams admits, "a little bit of a wakeup call."

"I think I keep a good eye on my son all of the time but how quickly did that happen to those two little boys and you can't be everywhere at all times," said Williams.

She added, "My son actually just climbed out of the crib for the first time yesterday and we said this is something we need to get done immediately."

Williams wants the dresser, changing table and bookshelf secured in her son's room. WFMY News 2's Tom Garcia was there to help her out.

"You can just see how easily this can come over and smash a child," said Garcia as he pulled on the dresser.

Just as easily as the bookshelf can topple over, Garcia says it can be fixed.

"I'm just going to mark the very top of the wall, where this bracket needs to be."

With a corner bracket, a few screws and a power drill, Garcia gets to work.

"I'm just going to mark the very top of the wall, where this bracket needs to be," said Garcia. "Now we're going to pull [the bookshelf] away, and we're going to install [the bracket against] the wall and put [the bookshelf] back and then we are going to install [the bracket] into the bookshelf itself."

Garcia said, "It's critical to get into a stud. The drywall won't hold it well enough to make it secure."

After Garcia completed one bracket, he let Williams install the other one.

"It was relatively easy. Something that I feel like I could do on my own," said Williams.

She added, "I'm thinking about my whole house now too. All of the different dangers and things that need to be done so I am grateful that they shared this video."

Be sure to click on the videos in the story. WFMY News 2's Tom Garcia shows you which supplies you need to secure your child's furniture and how to properly anchor the furniture to your wall.